Mooska farm

Mooska farm is a typical lifestyle farm in Southern Estonia. The powerful location at the foot of Vällamäe is amidst the beautiful nature and connects harmonically the farm life with the nature and the heritage of our ancestors. We, the Veeroja family, are proud to share our life with our guests and introduce local heritage, the pride of which is our traditional local food and the smoke sauna. The Smoke sauna tradition is inscribed to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Fabian Weiss in estonian smokesauna with EdaThe smoke sauna session in Mooska smoke sauna is customarily at least 3 hours of bathing enjoyment for the small group – family or friends (4-6 persons).

Body and soul will be cleansed while relaxing in a mysterious and comforting steam room, together with the host family, whisking, bathing, and pampering yourself with sauna honey. The rich aroma of burning wood is complemented by a whispered note of meat smoked in the sauna, a birch whisk (bunch of leafy twigs), and sauna honey. The sauna is located near a pond for a cooling swim when water is ice free or an invigorating dip in winter. During the experience your hosts will tell you all about and explain the Estonian smoke sauna traditions and beliefs. Smoke sauna is a holy (sacred) place for the family and alcohol is therefore not looked upon well neither before or during the sauna session.
Mooska farm has two smoke saunas for sauna sessions, each smoke sauna facilitates up to 8 - 12 persons, up to 25 persons. In case You have larger group, part of the group can go to
smoke sauna in the other farms in the same region nearby (facilitates also up to 10 persons). The basic price for sauna session is 200€

itaalased saunas

Visit to the Mooska farm invites the visitor to take insight to the rich set of the knowledge, customs, and beliefs of Old Võromaa smoke sauna heritage.

Short walk in the farm introduces three smoke saunas of Mooska farm. Two of them are for the bathing, the third is for smoking the meat. Visitors get an overview of the construction, heating, sauna rituals and family traditions of smoke sauna. The most interesting part is to smell and see how the pork meat is smoked in the sauna. Duration of the farm visit is approximately 1,5 hours; basic price 5€ per person includes the degustation of the smoked pork meat.

Mooska farm visit with the introduction of the Old Võromaa Smoke intangible heritage and degustation of the smokes meat, has been awarded the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) quality label.


  • mooska 2010 meistriklassi joulude suitsusauna liha

    We smoke and sell smoked meat that has been smoked traditionally in the smoke sauna 12€/kg
  • We introduce the farm and smoke saunas; visitors can taste meat smoked in the sauna (5€ per person)
  • We nurture guests with the best local food (12€ 2 course meal; 15€ 3 course meal)
  • Visit our farm shop: food souvenir is the best gift!


  • Snowshoe trips, ski trips and Nordic Walking.
  • Rogain type (geo) adventures in the forests of Vällamäe.
  • Nature walks, where participants will gain a deep insight into the local cultural heritage and folklore.

Basic price: 100€ per group per hour

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Warm visit is welcomed only by prebooking.
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Mooska Ldt.
Mooska farm, Haanja parish, Võru county, Estonia 65601
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Kerli Kõiv in Mooska smoke sauna

Estonian singer Kerli tries hundreds of years old Estonian sauna traditions in the smoke sauna!
Did you know that the smoke sauna traditions of Old Võromaa have found a dignified place in the list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritages and a traditional sauna session lasts at least three hours?

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